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Bukit Batok 4-room HDB - Eclectic Interior Design Style

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Eclectic Interior Design - Bukit Batok 4-room HDB


Feb 2023


Singapore, Bukit Batok

Eclectic Interior Design: A Fusion of Style and Functionality in HDB Renovation
Welcome to a space where creativity knows no bounds, and every design element tells a story. This HDB renovation project is a celebration of Eclectic Interior Design, blending diverse styles, textures, and functionalities into a harmonious living environment.

The Living Canvas: Customized Walls
Laser Cut Perforated Board Wall
One of the standout features is the customized laser cut perforated board wall. Not just a visual treat, this innovative wall design allows you to use pegboard hooks to hang items, offering both style and utility.

Perforated Pinhole Wall & Secret Door
Adding a touch of intrigue, the perforated pinhole wall doubles as a secret door entrance. The wall also features rods to hold shelves, providing a dynamic space for art displays or decorative items.

The Kitchen: Where Style Meets Function
Hexagon Tiles & Cement Screed Floor
The kitchen floor features hexagon tiles with a spillover transition to a cement screed floor, adding depth and character to the space. The same design concept extends to the kitchen wall, creating a cohesive look.

Tinted Louver Windows
Positioned at the sink area, the tinted louver windows offer a sense of privacy while allowing natural light to filter in.

Two-Tier Kitchen Top Cabinet
The kitchen top cabinet features a unique 2-step design, providing extra storage and better positioning for LED strip lighting, ensuring a brighter cooking area.

Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Dish Rack Door
Adding a dash of industrial flair, the stainless steel metal mesh dish rack door offers both ventilation and style, making it a functional yet eye-catching element.

Why Choose This Eclectic Design for Your HDB Renovation?
Innovative Storage Solutions: From pegboard walls to two-tier cabinets, every inch is optimized for storage.
Quality Materials: High-grade materials ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.
Unique Aesthetic: The eclectic style offers a unique blend of elements, making your home truly one-of-a-kind.
Ready to infuse your HDB unit with eclectic charm and functionality? Contact us to discuss how we can tailor this design concept to your needs.

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