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Tips for Affordable Interior Design in Singapore

With the never-ending excitement and rapid pace of the city, it is not an easy task to design and achieve a fabulously comfortable home without spending a lot of money. However, there are significant considerations that one has to take into account that can make one get an affordable interior design in Singapore without compromising the quality or the style. Many people find themselves in situations where they need to furnish a new apartment or just switch up their interior with limited funds; these strategies will help you create a beautiful home on a budget.


1. Set a Realistic Budget


The first thing that one should do is to set a realistic budget, to make the intended interior design achievable. Find out the total cash available to spend on your home and how much you should spend on each facet of your house. When you set your budget in mind you will be able to avoid buying more than what you need or spending more than you have planned. Remember that with furniture and equipment, some of the items that you may need to purchase will be formalities that should be catered for in your budget along with some elegant ornaments.


2. Prioritize Key Pieces


Select timeless designs for colors and fabrics of furniture to avoid outdating quickly and blindly buy those items that you believe are most useful. It is advisable to concentrate on core products that include sofas, dining tables, and beds as they are the key to your home. In case, one has limited floor space, then one is likely to look for those pieces of furniture that can used in more than one way such as a sofa that doubles up as a bed or a table that also has drawers on the side. With priority over these items, the client or you, whichever is handling the design aspect of the project, can establish a great foundation of design while avoiding overspending.


3. Embrace Minimalism


Minimal style design incomparable with any other is modern, and at the same time, quite affordable. Hence, if you live in a city like Singapore where space is scarce and always in high demand, minimalism will help you achieve that neat and large look. Instead of the number of objects, it is better to have fewer exquisite objects of minimalist design than to fill the living space with insignificant additions. This shall not only prove to be economic but also compel the architectural feeling of the house spacious as well as organized.


4. DIY and Upcycling


If you are wondering how to add a degree of warmth and affordability to your home, the following ideas may inspire you. Lay the foundations for more DIY-based projects, and use furniture upcycling to take a hit off your wallet. Basic ideas like redoing previous furniture, painting a piece of artwork, or even knitting your cushion cases will always help to enliven your seating area without much expense. Also, the completion of such projects will be an interesting and equally fulfilling task of adding a touch of one's creativity to their home.


6. Use Lighting to Your Advantage


Lighting of a space can make changes and is very affordable when it comes to home improvement services. The interior must have robust ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to make the environment appear warm and welcoming. Portable and easy to install, lamps on the floor, strings, and LED strips are yet another invention that can enhance the appearance of homes without much cost.




You do not have to always spend a lot of money when trying to have a taste of a beautiful home in Singapore. We recommend setting up an affordable interior design in Singapore choosing important pieces of furniture, trying to be ordinary, and inventing something with the rest of the things: that way, everyone can have a nice interior on the cheap. Finally, when decorating your house make sure to shop smart, use lighting to your advantage, incorporate greenery, and also when buying furniture ensure you get the ones that can work for more than one room or activity to help save space and money. By implementing these guidelines, one can easily turn his or her house into a beauty and comfort zone.


To get more affordable interior design Singapore concepts and services, check out our URBAN NEST for amazing home ideas at pocket-friendly prices.


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