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Top 8 Tips for Stunning Living Room Design in Singapore

Hiring a professional interior design firm in Singapore to design your living room is quite an exciting and hectic project. Living in NYC can often be challenging due to a tight space and multicultural population, still, proper principles of studio apartment design ensure both functionality and sophistication. Regardless of whether you are new to interior designing or know the old house and are returning to redesigning it, here are 9 ultimate tips on effectively designing the living room to fit Singapore’s urban lifestyle.


  1. Prioritize Functionality: To begin, the approaches to living room designs in Singapore differ in their usage by people in the society, therefore, consider your lifestyle. Select multipurpose furniture such as furniture that can also serve other functions like a sofa bed or an ottoman – the piece of furniture with storage is useful and extends the usable space in a room if needed.


  1. Embrace Minimalism: Combine rectangles, spheres, triangles, and other basic shapes, not daring colours, and little decoration to design a logo that would represent Singapore with its constructivist, minimalist atmosphere. It is preferable to confine the usage of these decor elements since overcrowding of the living room will only emphasize the perceived concept of calmness.


  1. Choose the Right Color Palette: Choosing appropriate hues or shades can surely change the entire look of your living room area. Avoid the use of dark and vibrant colors on the walls and furniture to make the room appear less cramped; instead, use lighter and more subdued shades to make the apartment appear more spacious; additional splashes of bright colors can be given using accessories and furniture.


  1. Incorporate Greenery: Include pots with small-sized trees or flowers in your living room to create an environment that influences the outside world and “oxygen booster”. In addition to adding to the visual appeal of the general layout of the area, plants make living rooms more comfortable and contribute to a healthier living environment, as a place for relaxation.


  1. Invest in Quality Lighting: To light up your living room design in Singapore ambiently consider grouping the lighting sources to provide warmth to the area available. Both local and general lighting and mood lights are essential to enable the functionality of different tasks to be met in style and comfort.


  1. Define Zones: If you can use several areas of the living room for different activities, provide some partition between the sitting area, the dining area, and an office area. If you want a more defined segregation, then consider using area rugs, strategic positioning of furniture or even using screens that seamlessly fit in with the rest of your decor.


  1. Personalize with Art and Accessories: Have a signature style; embrace your artwork, shiny ornaments, and keepsakes in your living room. This helps in the selection of pieces that fit perfectly in the room and is not vice versa whereby the pieces selected dominate the room.


  1. Create Visual Interest with Texture: Define a three-dimensional space: try to create an interesting interior by using different textures on the furniture and accessories: soft and warm upholstery, carpets, different kinds of fabrics, wooden and stone details, etc. In addition to depth, texture also brings visual appeal, and the more you add to your living room, the warmer it makes the space.




In this article, we discuss the basics of designing a beautiful living room in Singapore, taking into consideration the physical limitations of space, typical or prevailing Asian living habits, and local color preferences. Thus, implementing the ideas of the leading interior designers optimizes the living room design and makes it visually appealing and an important part of contemporary urban life. Glam up your home for a unique abode in the heart of the city; a place that is all about comfort and privacy and at the same time revealing your style statement. Remember, your living room is more than just a place to relax—it's your very own Urban Nest.

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